Tips on how to save energy in your new home

Human beings have progressed technologically to heights that could not be imagined a century ago. With advancement in technology, there are many changes in medical science, education and other fields which have proven beneficial for humankind. However, one significant negative impact that these advancements have made is on the environment.

Apart from the water table of underground water reducing rapidly to chemicals polluting water systems and the air, there is also the consideration of depletion of other natural resources. One of these resources is fossil fuel which is used to produce electricity which is the source or energy in our homes and work places. I have often seen a drastic wastage of electricity which people can easily prevent by learning some first utility energy saving tips. Apart from switching to solar power, there are many things you can do to save energy in your new home. Even if you are not changing homes, then you can follow some tips to save energy in your day to day living. Let us look at some of these tips.

  • If you place lamps or TV sets near your room air conditioner, it will cause the thermostat to detect extra heat, and it will run longer than necessary. It is advisable to keep these items away from the air conditioning unit.
  • If you replace the incandescent bulbs by LED or CFL lighting, then you will save almost 70% of the electricity that you use in lighting in your home because lighting makes up about 10% of the electricity used in your home. This will be a considerable saving of electricity.
  • Well-planned landscaping is not just meant to beautify your home. If trees are properly placed around your home, then they can provide insulation which again will save energy both during summer and winter.
  • 20% of the heated and cooled air is lost to the outside in an average home, due to faulty duct systems. You should regularly get the ducts in your home inspected to ensure that they are sealed properly and insulated if needed.
  • Do you use air conditioning? Then a ceiling fan will allow you to reduce the cooling of the air conditioner by 4 degrees Fahrenheit. This will not cause you any discomfort and at the same time save electricity.
  • 14% to 25% of the electricity consumed in an average home is due to heating water. If you turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting, it will save a lot of energy and also avoid you getting scalded with heated faucets.
  • If you use a microwave, toaster or counter top grill rather than an oven, then you will use less electricity and avoid the excessive heating of the kitchen.
  • If you leave your computer on all day, then it will cost you about 21% per day. You should make it a habit of unplugging electronics and appliances when they are not used. IT becomes easier to do this if you use multiple outlet strips so that you can turn off everything by just flipping a switch.

Using these energy saving tips will not just save you money but will also help save the planet.

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