My Experience When Volunteering For Habitat For Humanity

Hello Everyone! You know a lot about Habitat for Humanity, an international and non-governmental organisation, founded in the year 1976. It is renowned for helping the poor and building decent and affordable housing for the homeless. I had this wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity after gathering experience at several places because I love volunteering and enjoy making a difference to this world. Let me tell you first that volunteering is a wonderful thing which offers great satisfaction to the one involved in it. I knew that my work will assist others and bring everyone together.

Wow! The very thought of it gave me utmost satisfaction. I was sure to have an incredible experience at the Habitat for Humanity. It was 3rd of June, when I was volunteering at the Habitat and got this chance to network with the entire team of licensed professionals, worked on several exciting construction projects and ended up developing my leadership skills, communication skills while becoming a more dedicated, caring, patient and valuable person. Well, one thing is clear here that volunteering is not about what one is doing, but it is about who the person one becomes.

When volunteering at the Habitat, I was deeply inspired by the mission statement of the Habitat which states that it seeks to put the love of Almighty God into action and brings people together while allowing poor to build homes. I was, in a way, helping to build homes without any profit in return through my volunteer labour. As expected, I met so many friends there and loved being surrounded by like-minded, approachable, motivated and positive people.

I was so excited and happy to meet these people who assisted in career advancement as well. Most of them even inspired me to a great extent with their words and actions. During my volunteering session, I did a lot many activities like giving a presentation, preparing eye-catchy flyers to promote Habitat’s event and for fundraising event. I contributed a series of articles for the website and the newsletter. Such activities proved a great help in enhancing my skills, thereby helping to advance in my career.

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